• Who We Are
FoodClique Support Initiative (CAC/IT/NO 54151) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) striving to end hunger.

We store and distribute purchased and donated perishable and non-perishable food, to the food insecure people and impoverished communities through community outreach and partnership with other agencies.

We work to reduce food waste, feed the hungry, educate the public about the problem of hunger and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry.

Since inception, we have recruited over 1550 volunteers, provided food to over 24,000 individuals , our feats have been commended by World Food Program (WFP), Ending Hunger (Italy), ONE (USA), Agent of Hope (USA), 7 billion.org and also featured on eNews South Africa as a leading hunger relief charity organisation in Nigeria.

FoodClique Support initiative was nominated by Lagos State Government for the Spirit of Lagos Award and on the 27th of May 2015, FoodClique Support Initiative named as the winner at a glamorous dinner hosted by the Executive Governor of Lagos Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

With More than 850 Million people worldwide are suffering from Hunger which has made ending hunger a widely discussed topic, considered by as a matter of urgency by world leaders, sports men.

With over 60 percent of our country's population battling with either partial or total starvation; now is a better time to raise your reputation through a commitment with FoodClique Support Initiative to help in eradicating this social menace.

Among our program are: a school meal program for the less privileged, bag of hope for pensioners, Hunger Relief Program for working poor, After Hunger Rehabilitation program, food for the destitute or homeless and a community food Outreach.

It is our belief that ending hunger is possible and it starts with YOU and ME.

  • Mission & Vision
The mission of FoodClique Support Initiative is to reduce food waste,feed the hungry , raise public awareness to the problems of hunger and food insecure people ,through distribution of donated or purchased, perishable and non-perishable foods.

Our vision is to mobilise resources to fight hunger and address the root cause of Hunger in the country

  • Accomplishments
Since our incorporation in 2012 as a Non Governmental Organisation, we have grown in both the size and scope of our operation. FoodClique's advocacy project has also reached far and wide to the down trodden, government, well to do and corporate organisations.

Each year we and our volunteers feed hungry people. With the help of so many caring individuals, corporations, foundations, houses of worship,

schools and community groups, we have distributed over 100,000 meals to food insecure people through our feeding program including our school meal feeding program Our work to advocate for public policies and programs that address hunger was commended by media houses in Nigeria such as Rhythm 93.7 FM, Inspiration FM, Choice FM, Cool FM, Bond FM etc.

Over the past three years, we have continually joined in the marking of the World Food Day every October 16.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoodClique Support Initiative about?

We are a registered Non-Profit Charity Organization (CAC/IT/NO/54151) that stores and distribute purchased or donated perishable and non-perishable foods to hungry kids, pensioners, destitutes, disabled, homeless, working poor and low-income families and the food insecure people through community outreach and partnership with other agencies..

How does FoodClique get food?

We get foods from donors and companies who donate to us. We also buy food from wholesaler to meet up with growing demands.

How is the food distributed?

When food arrives, we inspect, sort, repack and keep in our make shift store pending distribution to the less privileged.

Is it true that services are free?

Yes, all the foods we give are free of charge. This is made possible by donations from Individuals, community members and caring companies.

Who are the people being served by FoodClique?

We serves families and individuals in need in of food. Individuals of all ages, genders, races and background .

Do I need a document to qualify?

All a clients' need is to visit or attend any of our outreach. Currently we cannot do home delivery because of limited staff and volunteers.

How is FoodClique funded?

Most contributions come through private donations, along with corporate support , Ambassadors and the Board of trustee.

What items do you accept for donation?

We accept perishable and non-perishable foods. We do not accept prepared food from private individuals except with approvals.

Do you assist with payments for rent or provide temporary housing?

Foodclique does not assist with housing assistance, but we operate an "After hunger rehabilitation program" a skill acquisition program to assist our beneficiaries .

How can I find out latest Update about FoodClique ?

Join our e-newsletter or request a copy of our monthly newsletter or through Facebook and Twitter.

How do I volunteer?

Information on becoming a volunteer is located on the Volunteer page but you can email info@foodclique.org with VOLUNTEER as subject.

  • Our Staff
Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Bolajoko Fadipe
Director of Programs Tomilayo Sadiq
Director of Operations Sunkanmi Oladejo
Director of Planning and Development Ibrahim Onilegbale
Chief Financial Manager Akorede Alabi
Director of Media & Publicity Faruk Adetola
Director of Food Procurement Dorcas Ogundele
Director of External Partnership Akerele Akintunde
Head of Food Distribution Segun Adesanya
Online Volunteer Manager Debola Akintoye
Web Manager Saka Yusuf
Creative Director Hassan Taiwo

  • Board Of Trustees


Bolajoko is the founder of FoodClique Support initiative. He is a graduate of Computer Science from Yaba College of Technology. He is an energetic and dedicated team player with vast knowledge on contemporary issues and how to make things work out at a minimal cost.

As Chief Executive Officer at FoodClique, He oversees food sourcing, brand building, member relations, compliance and planning. According to him nothing drives him more than the belief that eradicating hunger is possible if more people care.

His job entails that he is always involved in all parts of the organization, from engaging with the volunteers to leading meetings and drafting partnership contracts and investments from donors. In order words, He embraces the impossible and plots the course of our daring future.

His hard work and passion for FoodClique is unmistakably evident when he talks about eradicating hunger. As the CEO, he is focused on increasing and developing strategies for all organizational channels to ensure provision of more food to people in need through a network of agency that shares similar interest on hunger.

Prior to starting FoodClique with his friends, Bolajoko worked as a presenter with Super-Screen where he anchored Contact Youth Program. He proceeded to ZeedLabs Systems in the early part of his career. He also worked at Paramount Web were his responsibility included marketing and business development.

He is also the CEO of Fadni & McBee resources, a firm with an extensive range of interests that includes web design, branding, social media, procurements and real estate and he currently serves as the personal Assistant to a member of the Nigerian parliament in Person of Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa( Chairman House Committee on Diaspora)

When asked about his hobbies, he cited "talking about why we must end hunger" but his profile will not be complete without the mention of his passion for sports especially Arsenal FC. So when not working, Bolajoko is busy watching football and still dreams about a first champions league medal for the premier league side but we are more happy that he has a bigger passion and dream for the less privileged.


Ibrahim is the Vice–President of FoodClique as well as the Director of planning and Development. Ibrahim has a background in Engineering, Project Management, and GIS. He graduated from the prestigious University of Lagos with a degree in surveying and Geo-informatics.

Ibrahim leads the organization's relationships with corporate partners, ensuring abundance of resources such as foods and funds that helps support our charitable feeding programs for low-income Nigerians. Prior to his current role, Ibrahim served as head of NULASS Unilag Chapter where he led numerous government and policy-related initiatives.

He also had a brief stint at PW Nigeria LTD and was part of the team that constructed the Murtala Mohammed road, Ultra-modern Tejuoso Market road, and University road Akoka. Ibrahim currently works with Polaris Nigeria LTD, a leading GIS company in Nigeria.

Ibrahim is the "think tank" of FoodClique and provided the vision for expanding our feeding outreach to include more communities which served as a direct strategy to increase the number of children served by 25 percent. His job entails being in all parts of the organization, from engaging with interns to leading trips to Uganda and drafting partnership contracts and investments from donors.

Ibrahim is almost as passionate about Arsenal Football Club as he is about putting an end to hunger. His voices is always the loudest when Arsenal is winning but trust me it is still not as loud as when he is advocating for eradicating hunger and malnutrition among children.

Akerele Akintunde Hareef

Akintunde is the co-founder of FoodClique and our Executive Director. His ability to think outside the box is awesome while His spark for excellence in anything we do has propelled us to be among the leading NGOs in Nigeria. According to Akintunde there is no excuse for failure and he wholeheartedly believes that anything is achievable with faith and hard work.

Akintunde began his education at the Yaba College of Technology where he graduated with an OND in computer Science, and in his quest for further knowledge, he proceeded to the prestigious University of Lagos in anticipation of educational stardom and graduated in flying colours with a B.Sc. in Surveying and geo informatics.

Prior to founding FoodClique with his childhood friend, he worked with AEC As our Executive Director, he brings to the team handful lots of experience and no wonder we describe him like a trump card in a tarot deck of cards. His primary job is to analyse, digest, evaluate, articulate and build on the vision the board of trustees pray for in not too far years.

Finally one thing stands him out, and that is his sense of humour as there is never a dull moment with him. He once told a story of how he waived an opportunity to play professional football as a young boy and claims he would have been crowned the world best player.

Though most of us doubt him, one matter we all don't doubt is his ability to polish our development strategy and leads us to our promise land; a world free of hunger.


Adeola is a member of the trustees of FoodClique Support Initiative and also doubles as our Director of Media and Publicity. He ensures all our events and programs are well covered both in the electronic and traditional media.

Adeola graduated with B.Sc. in Marine Science from the University of Lagos and for his final project in school, he did a research in Nutrition .

As a trained Marine scientist one cannot leave him out of his field so he also supports the nutritional department of FoodClique to ensure we adhere to all the nutritional recruitments and safety of our beneficiaries.

Adeola is vast in various interests thus he was able to secure a job in the telecoms industry and currently work also with Unilag FM.

In His role, Adeola oversees all our media activities, announcements and also protects the privacy of our beneficiaries. Last July, he launched a special feature on our Facebook page called the "volunteer of the week"; a weekly profile celebrating the accomplishment of our volunteers in their various fields and as a volunteer for FoodClique Support, this special feature earned us more followers on our social media pages.

Adeola can also be credited for the mention on "page 5" of the widely circulated newspaper in Nigeria "Punch", for the report on marking the 2012 World Food Day of FoodClique. A die hard supporter of Manchester United and Rafael Nadal but that has not overshadowed His tremendous supports for indigenous teams and visibility for FoodClique in the press


Dolapo is a member of the trustees of FoodClique Support Initiative and He also serves as our Director of Education programs. As the youngest among the trustees, he helps us balance our assumptions and present day realities about our educational programs.

He also oversees the execution of our core programs targeted at the educational development of our young beneficiaries. He is responsible for processing the eligibility of New School to our School meal program, Food4tot and back pack program, to ensure the schools with the urgent needs are enrolled as beneficiaries.

Currently an undergraduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), one cannot help but love the zeal and passion he contributes to our cause to end hunger. Dolapo is well travelled and spent a few years in the United Kingdom for the early parts of his secondary education.

This international experience is instrumental to the success of our school meal program that ensures student of the less privileged are educated as a tool that helps curb the causes of hunger. Dolapo holds a diploma in Portuguese and French and speaks both languages.

When not busy Dolapo spends time watching tennis and playing adventure games on his iPad or Sony PlayStation. Though he has completed the toughest of missions, he still says the greatest of all will be the day hunger takes a back seat and education takes the front seat in every homes.

Rapheal Odor

Raphael Odor is the Director of Logistics for FoodClique Support. He is a graduate from the renowned University of Lagos with a degree in History and Strategic Studies.

Raphael helps in organizing and controlling the logistics and coordination aspects for FoodClique as well as ensuring abundance of resources such as meal provision and reserves that help support our charitable feeding programs for low-income Nigerians.

Among his responsibilities are to arrange all the edible materials and provide buses for transporting the food to their different locations and places of activity where needed.

Apart from His role in FoodClique, Raphael is CEO of "Ralph's Place" and has worked in different establishments such as Sports Guard International, helping young ones achieve their dreams in sports. Also, Troja Estate LTD where He was Supervisor and part of the team that built the Royal Garden City Estate in Ajah.

Raphael also had experience with TSF Nigeria LTD (a telecom company in partnership with Globacom Limited) and Cartrack Nigeria LTD. Raphael is very passionate about FoodClique and holds a vision where FoodClique would make society a better place for all Nigerians through hunger eradication.

Raphael is a loyal fan of English Premier League Side, Chelsea FC and does love the club so much but His most unwavering LOVE is helping the needy more and advocating for hunger eradication and malnutrition amongst children.


Korede is a member of the board of trustees of FoodClique and currently serves as the Chief Financial Manager (CFM) of FoodClique Support since inception.

According to him the success of any company either a Non profit or profit making depends on how well they can balance their income and expenditure. This guiding principle is what Korede has added to us since he joined us to embark on a mission to ensure everyone has enough food to live a productive life.

Korede holds a B.Sc. in Actuarial science from the University of Lagos to amongst other qualifications. He hopes to become a professional financial analyst, financial mathematician and risk management personnel in the nearest future. Presently, he guides on a broad range of strategic, operational and financial issues, and also ensures the financial well-being of the organization via budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and treasury.

He is prudent, intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to negotiations. Korede is responsible for the complete fiscal oversight and financial administration of FoodClique, and ensures that the financial health of the organization is strong enough to advance its vision and mission.

With little funds at our disposal when we started our quest to eradicate hunger, our CFM has helped us achieved so much because of his prudence with money thanks to an extensive background in financial management, operations, and business development.

Earlier in his career Korede taught in high schools and tutorial colleges. Among the courses he handles are mathematics, economics, statistics, financial accounting, commerce amongst others.

In the summer of 2012 he also volunteered as a tutor in a free summer lesson organised by CYDAS. He is a managing partner at First Class Associates and currently works with Intravision Associates LTD, an accredited CIPMN lecture centre. He acts as a facilitator and lecturer. At Intravision, he lectures on operations research, financial management, accounting, business statistics, and business mathematics.

Korede is a football pundit and a lifelong supporter of Real Madrid as the only time you see a frown on his face is when his beloved Galacticos plays against Barcelona but as our CFM, hungry children make him frown more.


Oluwaseun Falayi is a non-executive Board member for FoodClique Support Initiative. As our non executive board member, his major work is to help the organisation realize its mission to provide food for young people, low income persons and the elderly.

Oluwaseun Falayi’s long term goal is to be a renowned health care researcher and policy maker who will bring research-to-policy and research-to-program that are capable of making health largely preventive, promotive and addressing most of the needs of my country. He is a fast-learning, well-motivated, and enthusiastic individual with a genuine interest in health research to foster health policy and promoting quality of life. His educational training and research to date has provided him with an excellent background in public health research.

He had his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree course in Public Health and recently completed a Master degree program in Public Health with specialisation in Field Epidemiology.

For the past three years, he has worked as a Research Associate and Programme Coordinator at the Medical Education Partnership Initiative in Nigeria (MEPIN), a five-year $10 million United States Government National Institute of Health (NIH) funded project. The project is led by Professors David Olaleye, renowned virologist and Isaac Adewole, renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist/Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan as Principal Investigators and Project Directors.

The funding is set out to improve the medical education in Nigeria. He has been working closely with Professors and medical experts from Northwestern University and Harvard School of Public Health in the United States and six leading Federal universities and their affiliated teaching hospitals in Nigeria.

In his pursuit of public health, he co-founded and served as the first vice president of Public and Allied Health Students Association (PAHSA). PAHSA organised health fairs, health education and promotion programs, health screening programs, and public health enlightenment events.

It forged major collaborations with civil and public health NGOs external to our university community. He has also led and participated in various civic and health campaigns, such as prevention of illicit substance use among young people, addressing issues of gender discrimination and abuse in several Nigerian communities, as well as promoting entrepreneurial skills among young people.


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