• Food Programs
FoodClique Support initiative is leading the fight against hunger in our nation.Our programs are designed to address the food need of every individual affected by food insecurity.

We do this by not only feeding people on the ground, but also by raising awareness of the issue across the country.

Solving hunger and nutrition related issues can only be achieved through community partnerships.

Without our strong relationships through sponsorship, volunteerism and involvement of local businesses, we simple could not do our job.

The next generation will be far healthier if they are able to improve their own health with good nutrition.

  • School Meals
How can a student concentrate in school when all he has to think of is food? Well this is the dilemma many students face in school.

Our school meal program ensures children have a hot nutritious meal everyday with milk to aid their growth and mental development. Education takes a very low priority when a family is hungry. Poor households are often obliged to choose between sending the kids to school or to work in fields, streets, factories or house help.

With school meals, parents do not have to make that choice. School becomes the best option for securing food. To sponsor a school meal email info@foodclique.org

  • Back Pack
The BackPack Program is design to meet the nutritional needs of hungry children over weekends and during school holidays when other food resources are not available.

Food insecure children are provided child friendly, nutritious and easy-to-prepare food every Friday to help them meet their nutritional needs through the weekend and over holiday breaks.

Children receive a bag filled with nutritious items such as noodles, staple foods, milk, biscuit etc when leaving school and place the bag into their backpack as they venture home for the weekend or holiday break.
  • Food 4 Tots
This program is targeted at meeting the food needs of our smallest friends who are unable to eat prepared meals.

Have you ever imagined a toddler going through hunger? Well this is want many toddlers of the less privilege, single mothers and baby mothers go through often.

Our Food4Tots program ensures that there will be enough baby food for all of the infants that rely on FoodClique. We are looking for business, churches, individuals or group who are willing to sponsor our food 4 tot by donating cans of baby food to us this will ensure we feed our youngest and most vulnerable neighbours.
  • Ramadan Outreach
This program help address the problems of hunger during the fasting season especially during Ramadan. Ramadan is the most difficult period for those families with no means to cater for SAHUR and IFTAR.

Ramadan is a period of fasting when the freedom to eat at ones will is withheld for our sins to be forgiven. Ramadan is also a period when Muslim abstains from food which the poor are faced with on a regular basis because of the tough economic hardship and poverty level.

"The best charity is to satisfy a hungry person" so when you give a meal, you are doing more than providing food, you are sending hope and joy to hard working families that are facing hunger this Ramadan . Every little gift you give to support our Ramadan outreach will go a long way in putting smiles on the faces of Hungry Nigerians.


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