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Understanding Hunger

Although we are one of the richest nations in the world, beneath the prosperity of Nigeria lies discerning Hunger; a plague which threatens humanity, the ability of citizens to become productive and contributing members of society, which in turn threatens the future of Nigeria's prosperity.

The reality of our present-day survival from the clutches of hunger is vindicated by the astronomical statistics that three in five Nigerians are hungry or struggle to afford food and the imperativeness of hunger cushioning mechanism is further supported by UN in making ending hunger their number one priority in the MDG.

FoodClique Support Initiative is ready to lead the fight to end hunger in our communities, though it cannot be done alone; if we all stand-up to say enough is enough to hunger, harness our resource and volunteers, then it is possible! In the last survey carried out by FoodClique Support Initiative, the following statistics where recorded.
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