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Who Are Hungry?

Hunger does not discriminate that is hunger can affect any body. In Nigeria the poor and needy from our community fall into three basic categories. Namely Working families, Seniors and Children though other people such as the homeless, destitute, disable etc also fall into this three broad categories.

To some Nigerians they experience hunger on a temporary basis because of a layoff, divorce or illness so during this period they struggle to eat the required calories the body needs. The reason we called it temporary is because once the tying periods is over they have tool to provide food for them.

The second group are those that experience hunger on a permanent basis. These are the poor who make up about 85% of hungry people in the country.

This category of people cannot just help themselves for this reason they are poor and automatically live in poverty. Among this people are homeless, rural dwellers, destitute, disable, pensioners, sick, widows etc.


78% of the hungry people in Nigeria are children; making kids the largest group of hungry people. According to a report carried out by FoodClique Support Initiative a NGO that provide food to the needy they said most of the beneficiary of the feeding program are the children because they just don't know how to help themselves break the jaw of hunger cause by poverty.

Many of these children live in poverty so majority of them relies on support from well meaning Nigerians to help them feed. Using Lagos state as a case-study 1 in 5 children live below the federal poverty level (approximately #18,000 per year for a family of three in 2009).

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