Noella Foundation & FoodClique Feeding Project

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Noella Foundation partnered with FoodClique to eradicate hunger among children, seniors and widows in Lagos State. FoodClique touches every community  that needs that kind of support and we are  glad to have Noella  Foundation lending a hand to help us achieve zero Hunger     The main objective of Noella Foundation and FoodClique coming together is to give back to our local community because a lot of people in the area are still struggling, and they believe pallative programs would be a good opportunity to go that extra mile in making sure families are stocked with food.   The Founder of Noella Foundation Mr Seyi Tinubu joined other volunteers to serve food on World Food Day for people in need and takes time to volunteer during the Community Kitchen According to Mr Seyi Tinubu he said “We believe no one should go hungry and that is why I, my wife Laya Tinubu and FoodClique are working to address the root causes of hunger  

Your Gift Helps Feed Our Hungry Neighbours.