We are grateful to have you join in our efforts to eradicating hunger, reducing poverty, malnutrition and empowering societies. We do not take the sacrifice of your time, energy, passion and resources lightly. Your commitment and dedication are highly appreciated.
Our volunteers are fundamental to the success of our organization. They support various key tasks within the organization in our quest to achieve our mission. Our organization is open to receiving willing volunteers without any discrimination.
We are thrilled you are considering volunteering with us; your time is valuable no matter what your commitment is, every time spent volunteering with us helps to restore hope to hungry families, alleviate poverty and reduce malnutrition through this they will have access to food when they are in dire need of it.
Your time will be committed to taking actions against hunger and helping us to uplift societies and the country. We provide interventions to children, nursing mothers, senior citizens, widows, struggling families across the country with different innovative programs and interventions.
Benefits of Volunteer Work
The benefits of volunteering is enormous; it is way beyond achieving the goal of the organization, everyone that volunteers gets a feel of both the mental and physical health benefits and other benefits which include:
  • Impacting lives: Providing help to those who are struggling gives a feeling of Life satisfaction, boost self-confidence and
  • Value adding skills: Volunteering impact you directly or indirectly, it exposes you to learning about different industries; it sharpens your communication skills and increases your social skills.
  • Provides a sense of community: Volunteering provides you the opportunity to network, build interpersonal relationship and improve your team building capacity.
  • Enhance your resume: The experience gathered while volunteering and the act of selflessness is a good quality that gives you an edge over others when applying for a job, visa or university outside your home country.
If you would like to join our team of hunger heroes, kindly spare a minute to fill the volunteer form. You will be wowed with the progress we can achieve when we work together.
Volunteering with FoodClique Support Initiative is a beautiful experience and you can choose to volunteer in any of the categories below
1. Partnership
2. Communications (apply to get more details )
3. Multimedia, Web development/Graphics
4. Grants writing
5. Food boxing
6. Program creative and Contributors
7. Fundraising
8. Research
9 .Monitoring and Evaluation
Please note: If you are interested in volunteering kindly fill the volunteer form https://foodclique.org/volunteer/ if you do not get a response after 48 hours of registering please call this number +234 901 146 1593
Please note: We will keep you updated about the mode of operation and tracking at the point of volunteers’ on boarding.
    Groups and individuals work together to repack nonperishable foods, clothing and household items, preparing them for distribution. This includes checking for opened packages and spoilage, cloth sorting, packing bags of food and household items.
We reach out to families who have little or nothing to eat (slum communities & low income earners) with our boxes of hope.  This is done weekly as we have our targeted areas highlighted before moving out.  With the help of individuals or corporate bodies, we achieve our goal of Zero Hunger with their donations while our volunteers help us with the boxing of raw food items on weekly basis.  We also have walk in outreaches were our beneficiaries come to the food bank and get their most needed food items.
This is usually the first phase of any outreach, volunteers are expected to visit the beneficiary community for risk assessment, registration and distributing of Free Food Vouchers to beneficiaries to identify them on the outreach day and ensure orderliness. This is usually done once in a week.
Through this program we feed potentials, it is targeted at children in public schools many of these children barely feed and this affects their learning ability our Free School Meal is an intervention to give them a healthy boost and help them remain focused in school by providing them with healthy packed meals.
  • FoodClique Support Initiative awards Certificate of service to volunteers who
have successfully completed100 hours of community service with FoodClique Support Initiative.
  • If needed, we provide a reference letter confirming volunteer hours or experience to volunteers who have completed over 70% of the expected 100 hours required for an FSCI community service certificate.
How to register to become a Volunteer: – Fill out the volunteer registration online form to get started. – Once filled and submitted, an on-boarding confirmation email will be sent to your registered email. – Further information on the volunteering procedures and volunteer guidelines will be sent to your registered email as part of the on-boarding process. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact via email: Volunteers@foodclique.org or call any of these numbers +2349011461593 or +2349059451207

Your Gift Helps Feed Our Hungry Neighbours.