School Feeding Program

School meals can be said to be one of the most important tool for eradicating hunger among school children from low income households. Starting each day with a healthy meal help students to perform at their best, increase school attendance but when they come to school on hungry stomachs, they lack energy, their grades suffer and they become prone to “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” which affects their performance.

Our free school meals provides easily prepared meals such as spaghetti, bread, milk, caprisone and energy rich biscuit to pupils on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday  across seven schools while on Friday the best three pupils based on attendance, punctuality and neatness  from all classes get non perishable food items of rice, garri, spaghetti, noodles and cooking ingredients to take home as a motivation.

The school meal program is a call to help reduce the level of starvation amongst our supposed leaders of tomorrow that will form the backbone to our future prosperity. The number of children that have to face the problem of hunger daily is alarming. Children facing hunger are susceptible to diseases which include but not limited to malaria , stunted growth, headache and measles.

They have weak immune system to fight off such disease at the slightest manifestation.

Since this program was introduced the attendance in school has increased among the students while parents also confessed that our school meal is also saving them money they would have spent on providing the items for their wards.

Your Gift Helps Feed Our Hungry Neighbours.