Community Kitchen (Pop-Up Soup Kitchen)

Every last Saturday of the month is our community kitchen program that meets the needs of hungry citizens through the provision of a nutritious hot meal to hungry children or anyone that have no access to food.

For people experiencing hunger, daily life is a struggle as they battle to meet their own and their family’s basic needs but thanks to our community kitchen they get to eat a nutritious meal, channel the cost of their meal for that day into other pressing needs and most importantly they are shown love by our volunteers.

Since we started our community kitchen, we have built a healthy community where crime is least thing on the mind of many and we have helped parents get back on their feet faster and kids

In times of food crises and humanitarian situations, the Food Clique Support Initiative is a dedicated team of food relief responders that deploys quick model actions to get food to those in need as quickly as possible. We appreciate human life and seek to always enhance the quality through our Community Kitchen.

More than 17,000 freshly made and nutritious meals have been delivered to underserved areas in Lagos state, Nigeria, since the community kitchen’s launch in 2018. However, with a population of well over 20 million in Lagos State, more than half of which are currently struggling with different levels of food insecurity, we are pleading for your kind donations to us in our fight for emergency food relief.

Testimony: “I always look forward to the Community Kitchen for myself and my family. FoodClique Support Initiative has been doing this for a while and I rarely miss it. The most striking thing about the meal served is that it looked like meals that can be consumed by anyone of any social status. It is a meal that helps give me some sense of pride. They could have served any kind of meal, but they choose to dignify people with one of a kind….Mr. Tomiwa.”

Your Gift Helps Feed Our Hungry Neighbours.